Are they finally beginning to see the simple truth behind the Big Lie?

‘You’re kidding yourself’: Crenshaw spars with GOP activist who claims 2020 election was stolen

Of course Rep. Crenshaw needs to stand by for that much feared call from Trump. But I think they are beginning to think, so what? He’s a loser. And he lost by a sizable margin. That’s beginning to look like the greater threat to their electoral standing.

G-Droppin’ with Greg

Politicians will do crazy things to try to connect with some part of the electorate whose votes they crave but whose life and culture may be foreign to them. The Democratic candidate on their first hunting trip is a favorite. Only Ann Richards was able to pull that one off persuasively. With her big hair, Texas drawl and a deer rifle in her hand, she let them know that she would probably hold her own in a bar fight with any of them two-steppin’ cowboys. And it probably wasn’t her first hunting trip, either.

My all-time favorite was when an incumbent Texas Secretary of Agriculture named Reagan Brown decided that he could connect with Texas’ farmers and ranchers by jamming his hand into a bed of fire ants while the photographers stood by drooling. Cowboy types were not impressed. His opponent wasn’t only a Democrat, he was about as progressive as they come. Thank you, Reagan V. Brown for giving us a few good years with Jim Hightower.

A bit less showy than the faux hunting trips and the fire ant challenge (too bad there were no social media in 1982), there is the practice of what I call G-droppin’. Candidates for statewide and national offices typically have been educated with bachelor’s and law degrees, often from Ivy League schools. They have learned how to speak proper English and they speak it with a precision that often makes their home folks think of them as “puttin’ on airs.” Put these folks in front of a judge in a courtroom and they speak the king’s English.

But a roomful of voters at the American Legion Hall in Clute will have them droppin’ Gs from their present participles. Even President Obama did it. He dropped Gs with the worst of them. But it never sold the way Ann Richards sold her NRA-appealing hunting trips. With Obama, the G-droppin’ seemed like the opposite of puttin’ on airs, at least to me. He was just too honest and too good for that kind of panderin’ to the willfully ignorant. It never seemed natural.

But Greg Abbot has handed me one that tops the Reagan Brown performance. But there is no way that I can wring any humor from it.

In order to establish kinship with folks in the Trump cult, he has endangered all our lives and put our children at the head of the line. By issuing an executive order forbidding local governments from mandating masks and vaccines, he no doubt hopes he will be able to pick up the support of the leftover dregs of the Trump “base” in Texas. And as the evidence builds that his edict is probably going to cost lives and create more drag on the economy, he does what DJT would do. He doubles down. How utterly stupid and mean.

Fortunately there are some leaders at the local level who aren’t having any of it. Call it civil disobedience. Call it leadership. They see their jobs as protecting their citizens. Lina Hidalgo’s doin’ it. Sylvester Turner’s doin’ it. Some school districts are doin’ it, too.

In your face, *re* Abbott.

J. R. Richard Remembered

New of J. R. Richard’s passing was sad news yesterday. By all accounts, he was a great person, although, we knew him only as a great pitcher cut down in his prime.

The report from that is linked above covers the highlights of an all-to-brief career. A moment of silence, please, for one of the great ones.

You won’t find his name in the baseball Hall of Fame. Maybe distinctive careers like his should be remembered there.

Trumpies: Go Get Vaccinated. We Love You Enough to Want to Keep You Alive and Voting.

This op/ed by Alex Azar, Donald Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, should be all the encouragement you need. If you are eligible and have been hesitant or resisting vaccination against Covid 19, take it from the Trump administration official who led Operation Warp Speed, you need to do this for yourself, your family, your local health care workers, your party and your country.

And that part about keeping you voting? Of course I want to keep you voting. I would prefer it if you voted for someone committed to democratic values and the rule of law, but if you can’t do that, I will.

I will also always support any legislation that protects your right to vote and keeps the ballot box accessible for you.

So, do the same for me, please. And get a shot.

Another News Source for Lake Jackson – “The Source Weekly”

Lisa Baker has operated an organ popularly known as a “shopper” for a number of years in LJTX. It is titled “The Source Weekly”. And, yes, it prints lots of ads to pay the costs of printing and distributing. Of course it also pays a small amount to operating the Baker household.

The ads are good. Better than online for most things. People who are willing to pay for an ad in a local paper tend to be, in my opinion, a little more trustworthy that the ones who work from behind the online barriers of privacy.

Privacy is a mixed blessing, especially when it comes to transacting the business of buying and selling lawn equipment, pickup trucks, barbecue pits, patio furniture, etc. If they buy an ad in The Source Weekly, they have to pay a fee and become known to the owner and editor, a person we know to be a stone wall of integrity and always with the interests of her community at heart.

She also offers a column with some of her observations from the local, state and national news, Lake Jackson goings-on and things her family does. Her family is like that of many of her readers (or, at least we strive to be) and it is fun to read about their accomplishments. She has much to be proud of with her two.

So, if you can’t stop in a Lake Jackson business to pick up a free copy of The Source, you can read Lisa’s weekly report on line here in What I Heard This Week.