Before You Get Too Excited about a New Administration . . . .

I read this article in The Guardian on Sunday and have been in a blue funk ever since. Don’t assume that DJT is going to go through the stages of grief and that he will concede and cooperate to allow for a peaceful transition to the Biden-Harris administration.

His behavior is not simply about his childish ego. He is executing a sinister plan to stay in office. And as David Sirota points out in this article, the Democrats continue to take pocket knives to gunfights. Mr. Biden must remember, while being gracious and presidential, that there is no bottom to their evil, that there are obeisant state and national legislators who have shown repeatedly that norms of past behavior have no relevance, and that federal courts that have been stacked with his appointees.

The chances of carrying this off may be slim but the damage done by the obstructionist Republicans during this period between the election and the inauguration of the new president can be serious and far reaching.

Author: Lake Jackson Citizen

I volunteer as a photographer for our local community theater. I have opinions about politics and believe it should be every American's duty to become informed and participate in the discussion of issues. I began this blog to be able to stay in touch in ways I used to on Facebook. I deleted that account recently and hope to be able to share photographs and information relating to cultural and political events in our community. I am retired after a career in social work and post-secondary‚Äč education.

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