Did Anyone Notice?

That the party of God and country, family values, fiscal responsibility and national security is now the Democratic Party? We have been tarred and feather as tax and spend, weak on defense libertines since 1980. Who knew they would hand us their brand without our even asking?

Of course we were always that party but somehow, Republican propaganda and the big dollars behind it were able to persuade a lot of voters otherwise. Looking forward to being able to welcome some of our old friends back into the party.

Author: Lake Jackson Citizen

I volunteer as a photographer for our local community theater. I have opinions about politics and believe it should be every American's duty to become informed and participate in the discussion of issues. I began this blog to be able to stay in touch in ways I used to on Facebook. I deleted that account recently and hope to be able to share photographs and information relating to cultural and political events in our community. I am retired after a career in social work and post-secondary‚Äč education.

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