Advice for My Lake Jackson Republican Friends

My Republican friends don’t often look to me for advice. But under the circumstances they need to begin talking to someone besides the Trumpischer Beobachter crowd on social media. The conventional wisdom in the party is that if you cross Trump, then you will be “primaried” with an opponent from the right (far right) who will snag an endorsement from the 45th POTUS. And that is apparently enough to hold the incumbents in line and keep them defending and repeating the Big Lie.

But there is a way out for those Republicans whose minds still live in a land of patriotic conservatism and who view bipartisanship as something that is not only acceptable, but actually a desirable strategy for governing.

I suggest that they use the time-honored strategy used in Major League Baseball. Tank the team and rebuild from bottom up.

The major problem with this strategy is that in politics there is no reward for coming in last. In Major League Baseball, you get the pick of the college and high school players if you can lose enough games in the regular season. Of course this makes it hard to sell tickets but if you are patient and manage the cash flow carefully, you can soon find yourself in the World Series. The Astros did after multiple 100 loss seasons.

In baseball, no one admits that they tank on purpose. But in politics, it really doesn’t come up since there is no direct reward for losing.

The trick for local Republicans (real Republicans) is to find a way to punish those who would primary you for crossing the Former Guy.

So, here is my suggestion. Vote Democratic. Leave them to their games in the Republican primary and, instead, vote in the Democratic Primary. Think about it. You not only leave their sorry lot to compete in a shrinking electorate, but you get the added satisfaction of being able to primary one of my Democratic friends.

I know a few things about Democrats. And if there are conservatives voting in their primaries, the most liberal of them become moderates. In fact, they begin to behave a lot like the Republicans I remember from the olden Days of Eisenhower and the Bushes.

Would it destroy the Republican Party? So what? There can’t be much reason for real Republicans to try to save a party that has begun to behave more like the party of the Beerhouse Putsch than the one that helped liberate Europe and expand democracy throughout the world. In fact, it would be a service to all mankind if they would tank this Republican Party.

Then, Republican friends, you can go back and begin to rebuild America’s conservative party – one that would compete with the liberal ideas of Democrats. Only this time, a new Republican Party would stand on a foundation of truth and devotion to the Constitution and the principles of democracy.

And, just think. In the process of tanking the Trump party, you would get to have even more fun by moving the Democratic Party a little more toward the middle.

To be sure, I’m not altogether certain that I will enjoy that part. But I think it’s only fair that my party gives a little, too. Together, we might even come up with a revolutionary new idea in politics – compromise.

Author: Lake Jackson Citizen

I volunteer as a photographer for our local community theater. I have opinions about politics and believe it should be every American's duty to become informed and participate in the discussion of issues. I began this blog to be able to stay in touch in ways I used to on Facebook. I deleted that account recently and hope to be able to share photographs and information relating to cultural and political events in our community. I am retired after a career in social work and post-secondary​ education.

5 thoughts on “Advice for My Lake Jackson Republican Friends”

  1. another thing is that after Nixon was impeached and Ford finished off his term, then after 4 years with Carter,
    Republicans were back in the driving seat. They should have seen this and voted to impeach Trump years ago
    Why prolong their misery ?

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    1. Good observation, Mr. Weinberg. They seem willing to follow him over the cliff, like the sheep in some Thomas Hardy novel I read. (Far from the Madding Crowd, I looked it up.) In that one, he had a new sheep dog that didn’t know much about the shepherding business and the flock fell to the bottom of the gorge and died because of an inexperienced leader. Republicans are following Trump over the cliff. Real Republicans stepped back, refused to follow. Time to rebuild.


      1. Ahh… Thomas Hardy. Happy fare to be reading during our period of post-pandemic PTSD.

        I could remind one and all as to what happened to shepherd Oaks’ errant dog after pushing the
        mindless sheep those steps too far, but that could lead to a whole line of discussion that might
        also go too far. To that end, my hopes are on the courts of justice and rational public opinion.

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      2. SRT, I had delicately sidestepped mention of the dog’s fate. Yet you should recall that the subject of our discussion wasn’t delicate at all about suggesting that he could walk out onto Fifth Avenue and shoot someone without losing support in the polls. I am afraid he may have been right.


  2. I guess one could never call me “delicate”.
    To your point, the issue remains that the “mad dog” (Shepherd Oaks’ description,
    not mine.) is still barking and convincing still too many sheep to keep running off the edge.

    Hmm… maybe that is where a wall should be built.


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